Tecnomed Belt Fitness Body Shaper

TECNOMED Fitness is presently the Best waist trimmer Belt available all over the world, with this belt you will reduce unwanted inches around the waist in a short time, Also Helps provide support to abdomen and lower back, The Belt has a unique design that emphasizes proper alignment in your core muscles. Most stress and damage is put on the lower back during exercise, Tecnomed Fitness waist belt is Available in Size Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Also come available in different colors: Pink-Black, Blue-Black, Yellow-Black, Orange-Black, Green-Black, Purple-Black and totally Black. (The Belt is not constructed with neoprene ) Unique construction design wich offer the best quality results in your waist, Avoid hard trainning without a Proper Core muscle protection.


The Best Waist shaper Belt
Helps to reduce unwanted inches around the waist in a short time
Unique design that emphasizes proper alignment in your core muscles
Helps to provide you the best support to abdomen and Lower back
Available in Small, Medium and Large Size.



Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Extra Thick 1/4″ (6mm) with Comfort & Protection for Knees and Joints ✮ Environmentally Friendly ✮ Bilateral Design with Superb Gripping Texture ✮ Best Yoga Mat, All-Around Exercise and Pilates ✮ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Joyne’s Serenity Non Slip Yoga Mat is the most comfortable mat you’ll ever use. The mat is suitable for yogis of ALL levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced yogis. The mat was designed based on feedback gathered from hundreds of yoga teachers and students about features they NEEDED to have for the perfect yoga mat.

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Serenity Mat is non slippery for extra stability and safety (especially during those difficult poses) and extra thick for cushion and comfort to prevent injuries and provide protection for knees and joints.

The bi-lateral design comes with a super grip texture on one-side to reduce slipping and extra cushion on the other side, maximizing your comfort and safety with the option to choose either side for optimal use.

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Serenity Mat is a very durable workout mat (usable indoor or outdoor) with an eco-friendly design that’s SGS approved and free from any phthalates, rubber, latex or toxic metals. You can feel good about having a long-lasting comfortable mat that’s also good to the earth.

Carb Cycling Diet Program: What you need to Know

The journey towards a healthy living starts with developing healthy eating habits and then proceeds to body exercise. If you effectively apply the two healthy lifestyle strategies, you achieve better results as compared to exclusive exercise without a proper diet plan. In this case, a carb cycling diet and exercise program are ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Fundamentally, carb-cycling programs entail the integration of high carbohydrate intake days with lowers carbohydrate intake days. . When you follow this program, you can effortlessly lose weight without enduring the negative repercussions of a strict low carbohydrate diet plan.

The Benefits of Carb Cycling Program
When you follow a low carb diet program, your body strength declines causing a reduction in exercise performance level. Essentially, carbohydrates act as the energy storage elements in your body. Therefore, during a workout, these carbs sustain your body strength ensuring total fitness of your body throughout the day. Intake of carbs prevents body fatigue by refilling the glucose and glycogen levels in the body. If your body lacks enough energy, you will not have enough energy for exercise. In addition, low carb levels triggers the hunger and craving levels in the body, consequently lowering the body metabolic rate. This causes low energy strength that causes loss of concentration.

Occasional high carb intake can replenish your body energy, and you do not feel these negative effects of a strict low card diet. Therefore doing a cycling your carb diet can help you lose weight effectively without the negative effects. This weight loss method is ideal, and most people who intend to lose weight prefer this program to the low carb diet program.

Factors to Consider when Doing Carbs Recycle
At the onset of the program, it is imperative to know that you increase your carb intake during your workout days. In this case, you experience the best results when you have those carbs when you are doing the strenuous exercises, for instance, weight lifting. During heavy workout sessions, you can have the carbs for three days. Can intake prior to exercise rejuvenates the body, and you will have high concentration during your strength training.

In addition, you should brace yourself for additional water gain during your high carb intake days. If you are a beginner, the additional water weight gain should not be a source of concern despite the fact that water weight is very conspicuous. Typically, you add four grams of water for every one gram of carb intake. In most cases, lean people notice the water weight much faster that people with a significant amount of body fat. Therefore, if you are highly sensitive of additional body weight, the carb-recycle program can affect you psychologically.

Continuing to Lose Weight with Weight Training

It can be difficult to keep your resolution when it comes to losing weight this coming year, but diet isn’t the only thing that’s going to help you lose weight. Cardio fitness and exercise play an extremely important role in helping to shed the pounds and keeping them off. It can also help you to change to healthy eating habits, as you’re going to need to be eating the right foods in order to have the energy to continue these weight training workouts.

Weight training coupled with healthy eating habits can help you to lose the weight and keep it off much more efficiently than either method on their own. It’s natural to feel extremely hunger after a workout and start eating to get that full filling, but it’s what you’re putting into your body that’s most important. Avoid the foods that are high in fats and bard carbs, as the body tends to store these longer, and can make it more difficult to work off during your exercise routines.

BowFlex PR100 Home Gym

BowFlex PR100 Home Gym

Another reason many people start to put the weight back on is that they believe that since they’ve accomplished their goal, they can go back to doing what they were before. But becoming sedentary is the worst thing they can do; this is the easiest way for the muscles to start losing their tone and for the body to start to wear down again. Remaining stationary convinces the body to burn fewer calories, resulting in the weight gain that can naturally happen once weight training has stopped.

Cardio fitness can be one of the most rewarding workout routines, as you’re not only helping your body to lose those unnecessary pounds, but you’re also increasing your overall health. Cardio workouts focus on increasing heart rate, which is a benefit for those who are at risk for heart problems due to obesity. The heart itself is a muscle and needs to be exercised on a regular basis. By increasing heart rate, you are training the heart to be stronger in pumping blood around the body.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Another benefit is the increase of oxygenated blood around the body. This blood that is brought to the muscles helps them to heal faster after a workout, and can reduce the soreness that can be experienced afterwards. This allows you to work out for a lot longer, as well as reducing your recovery time between workouts so that you can get back to exercising much more quickly.

Weight training can make all the difference in the world when it comes to improving your life and losing weight. It has everything you need in the way of losing weight as well as toning the muscles and improving the state of the cardio system in your body. Consider sticking with your cardio fitness routine this year, and your body will certainly thank you for it.

Your Fitness Goals – Where to begin

Reaching your fitness goals can feel like an overwhelming process. There are so many things to consider. Your diet, your exercise routine, and just your everyday lifestyle all come under great scrutiny. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it all alone. You have got all the options you need to succeed.

Videos Galore

One of the best parts of the internet is all the easily accessible videos. A quick search and you will easily realize just how many fitness videos are merely a click away. No matter what your current fitness level, there are all kinds of instructions available.

What is your favorite type of physical activity? Use that already existing passion to get yourself started on your fitness goal journey. A global search with your favorite activity plus exercise video, and suddenly you will have numerous opportunities calling you. The quality of these videos can vary wildly. If you are seriously interested in watching some experts guide you through everything you need to know, a program may be the best solution for you.

The program option

Shaun T's Insanity

Shaun T’s Insanity

Perhaps you don’t have a particular physical activity you enjoy. Being fit is the end game, but you need some more concrete direction. Well, there are multiple program solutions to choose from. Intense fitness programs such as Shaun T’s insanity workout are at the ready to help. This particular program demands a short amount of time from you each day. During that interval, you will work your cardio and do what your body needs most. You can slim down and build strength with just minutes a day in this program.

P90X3 Workout Program

P90X3 Workout Program

Maybe starting out with something that has insanity in the title; sounds a little intimidating. Another great option is the P90X3 program. In just thirty minutes a day, you can truly transform your body. You will be able to get the beach ready body you’ve always wanted. This program specializes in working multiple muscle groups at a high level of intensity during your workout. This means that the time you invest produces better results than you could ever hope for working the machines at the gym by yourself. You can get all of your weight training completed in a mere thirty minutes a day with this program.

One benefit, to participating in these programs, is the structure they offer. Often one of the hardest parts of losing weight knows what next steps to take. These programs allow you to go from knowing virtually nothing to having a precise action plan. Both of the above-mentioned programs offer advice on every aspect of your weight loss journey. This includes the nutritional and psychological elements. For beginners, this holistic approach can be particularly helpful.